What is a Maker?

Someone who makes something. Creators, Fabricators, Engineers, Artists, etc. The term is purposefully inclusive. Maker Culture emphasizes learning-through-doing in a social environment. (Wikipedia)

What is a Makerspace?

What is MakerFX?

MakerFX is a community-led makerspace in South Orlando with 3500 sq. ft. of space, and maker tools such as a laser engraver, CNC router, vinyl cutter, 3D printers, woodworking tools and much more.  Our community includes members from a diverse set of backgrounds including artists, engineers, teachers and software developers. 

MakerFX is a program of The Maker Effect Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity located in Orlando, FL. The Maker Effect Foundation also produces Maker Faire Orlando.

How can I learn more about MakerFX?

The best way is to join one of our online communities (meetup, facebook, slack), and then to visit our space (Open Make Friday Nights, Classes & Workshops). You can also email us if you have a specific question, or can’t visit on a Friday night.

You may also wonder…

Where can I find other Makerspaces?

If you are in Central Florida, check out FamiLAB, Factur, Melbourne Makerspace, Tampa Hackerspace

If you are outside Central Florida, there is no single definitive list, but the following lists will help you find a space near you:

Also, check out Nation of Makers, a national non-profit that helps unify makerspaces, maker events, and maker organizations.

What is the difference between a Hackerspace and a Makerspace?

According to google – not much. Its really about the term that a specific space decided to use and the community that formed within that space. If the term “hacker” concerns you – go back to the original definition – “individuals who enjoy the intellectual challenge of creatively overcoming limitations of software systems to achieve novel and clever outcomes.”