Flip Top Cart for Woodshop

There comes a time when you need to build more shop furniture and theres always a good excuse to do it when you procure a new tool. Building furniture and fixtures for the woodshop can help one learn new skills or techniques and if you screw up, well its still a decent piece of shop furniture.

Dennis and I worked on a flip top cart for the shops new Rigid Oscillating belt/spindle sander, it previously lived under a work bench and had to be manhandled out and plugged in to be used. Clearly there was room for improvement here. I like working from plans that either I have spent time creating or buying plans from wood workers I find on youtube or from the series of tubes we call the internet. One such set of plans I liked and purchased came from Fishers Shop on YouTube. If you’re interested in the plans you can find them at this link. Because I worked off of paid plans this blog post will not be a step by step assembly of the cart, you’re going to have to get the plans yourself and support a cool wood worker just like I did. Anyways enough rambling about stuff, onto the photos!!

Because I am so great at remembering to take photos of the build process I didn’t get much from the table saw action. Breaking down sheet goods is easier with two people!

3/4″ ply broken down into the sizes we need and a completed drawer out of 1/2″ ply

We broke the 3/4″ sheet into the sides, bottom, drawer top, and flip top pieces. Then cut what we needed from the 1/2″ plywood to make the drawer. We utilized pocket holes for some of the construction, my trusty Kreg Jig always makes that work easy.

The plans call for the bottom of the drawer to get glued and nailed on and then flush up the sides with a flush trim router bit. But we decided to just build the drawer box square and cut the bottom to exact size on the table saw.

Assembling the cart

Dennis screwed the bottom on with drywall screws after we glued and nailed it together.

Drawer slides attached and testing for fitment of the drawer.

I like precision tools

I received a pretty sweet Incra T rule this past christmas and it makes measuring and putting down lines super easy. I will admit I suck at reading a measuring tape or ruler and this tool makes it a breeze. In the above photo I am measuring out the layout lines to cut the sides of the case uprights.

Measure 4 times, erase your lines twice, cut…. once

The result of measuring out the lines is seen above. The step down in the sides is what makes this flip top cart pretty sweet. I like it because the tool can only rate 180 degrees.

Top shelf insides

The tool base rotates on a piece of black iron pipe and a few pipe fittings. Here Denis is pulling the power cord through to attach to an outlet inside the flip top.

The top is held in place with a window latch. We used one per top of the flip top. It is more than enough to lock it in place

The Bottom drawer holds the accessories for the sander, other wise they fall out and roll under a work bench when you rate the top to the non existent other tool.

The finished product! You can see the outlet we put inside the flip top. We need to go back and make a modification so it sits further back and will allow the cover to go over that opening. But the cart is fully functional, I plan on mounting as disc sander to the other side soon.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to start wood working come out to MakerFX any Friday during our open make and if I am there I will gladly show you anything I am working on.