MakerFX Power Racing Team races at Maker Faire Miami!

On April 6 & 7th, the MakerFX Makerspace Power Racing Team loaded up 5 electric cars and headed to Maker Faire Miami for their first Power Racing Series exhibition race. We were joined by Andrea & Mike from MakeMIA Makerspace (and you might recognize them as part of the Witch Doctor team from Battlebots!)

We had a great group of cars for our first race in Miami!

Road Trip!

We played Tetris to get 5 cars, our racing gear, screen printing equipment and Megan’s merch all in one 6×12 trailer!
It fits!! Joe’s car was finished the night we were packing, so we left room in the back and hoped it would all work!

The Racing was Awesome!

On Saturday we had normal sprint races, the popular relay race and a parade through the Maker Faire exhibits.

Sprint Race
Relay Race Action!
Since the track was across the street from the exhibits, we did a parade lap before each race to pull the crowd over – it worked well, and was a bunch of fun!

Fun, Friends, & Too Much Power

The Mystery Machine gets nabbed by Miami’s finest. (Yes, the pic was staged, but it is sooo awesome!)
Pete (Maker Faire Milwaukee & Milwaukee Makerspace) was in town, and it was great to catch up and find a few minutes of air conditioning between races! It was snowing when he returned home… brr….
It isn’t POWER RACING without power, but 190 volts is TOO MUCH POWER! This box decided to take out our PA system and our battery chargers with 190 volts at the outlets (and 80 volts to the FENCE!)

Dance Moves

On Saturday night, we had some amazing Cuban food at Moonlighter Makerspace in Miami with the event organizers and out of town guests. While we were increasing our race weights, we talked about the planned 75 minute endurance race for Sunday. Let’s just say that 75 minutes on a short track in the Miami sun with only one functional didn’t seem like the best idea….so, the “Chicken Enduro” was born. (Skip ahead to the Chicken Dance!)

We also had a crash (but everyone is ok!) and a flying battery box…

Miami Racing was a Blast!

Ok, so the MakeMIA Bathtub Time Machine racer won the race, but we had a lot of fun!

We will be back next year! Thanks to everyone that helped build these cars, transport them, race them, and organize the track and the races!

Visit MakerFX for our Open Make events on Friday nights to see our Power Racers, and to learn how you can create your own Power Racer for the races at Maker Faire Orlando this November!