We the Rosies


We at MakerFX are supporting the efforts behind the project at WeTheBuilders.com, and need your help for it to succeed.On Saturday May 12th, we will be using all six 3D Printers at MakerFX and any others we can round up to print pieces for the current project called We the Rosies.  This is a project to celebrate the contributions and diverse identities of women and non-binary makers.  The sculpture of Rosie the Riveter is being scaled up to monument-size and printing her in a spectrum of skintones. The sculpture will be over six feet tall and made up of 2,625 parts.  We need everyone in the maker community regardless of gender to help get pieces printed.

If you’ve never 3D Printed before, don’t worry! We’ll have folks on hand at MakerFX to help you through the process.  Please visit Meetup and let us know if you plan on attending sometime on Saturday.  Some of the pieces take just a few minutes to print, while others can take hours. You do not need to stay for the entirety of the day – but we do ask that you stick around long enough to get your print going and perhaps give us a little video testimonial to submit to the project.

DeltaMaker.com is offering $9 off brown, gold (tan), and natural filament. Use code ROSIE at checkout.

If you’re unable to attend to print in person, we are accepting filament donations and will print a piece on your behalf. Simply let us know what you’ve purchased from DeltaMaker, and we’ll swing by the shop and pick it up.

Hope to see you on Saturday!